Web Design and Set Up Costs Part Three

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

There are local domain name suffixes too for nearly every country around the world, so if your Pitchfork business was located in the UK then your domain name would probably want to be pitchfork.com as this is the UK suffix. It would make no sense to have a .co.nz suffix (the New Zealand suffix) if your website has no link to New Zealand at all.

The final cost that will be involved with owning your own website would be the web hosting costs. This is the cost of physically storing your website on the Internet, providing your customers with bandwidth which enables people to be able to see the content of your website. It is a bit like the hard drive on your computer – this is where all of your computers information is stored, and all information on the Internet has to be stored and accessed from somewhere, and this is what the web hosting company deals with.