Tracking the Success of Your Website

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

The trick then is to look for ways to be able to track and analyse the success of your site so that you might be able to improve on this. By being able to get real-time statistical data of your website, then you should be able to look at how your traffic increases and decreases in accordance with things like marketing campaigns (perhaps PPC campaigns), changes to the sites layout etc, and can then aim to increase patterns that result in more traffic. At the same time you could see how people find your site, and if it`s through looking at a search engine then you could find specifically which, key words and search terms they are using to find you and then target these further and perhaps try to get to the top of the list. You could also look at the stats of your visitors in order to see what web browser they use and what the resolution of their PC is like thus telling you which specs and what set up you need to tailor your site more towards.

This is all very much like biofeedback in bodybuilding and meditation, whereby seeing what tangible results you have when you make changes to your body, you then get insight into how to best tailor your training for what you are doing.

The good news is that all this is possible with a range of different tools for webmasters and if you speak with your web design company then they should be able to show you how to look at the stats of your site in detail so that you can work towards improving them. The other good news is that this is normally relatively easy.

One way to bring up your web stats might be through your hosting provider. If you are using a well known hosting provider (which may have been a decision left to your web design company) then you will likely have something called `CPannel` which is a standard control panel with a range of different tools and options. These include things like `Awstats` which will give you all
of the statistics and information for your site that we just mentioned. Another good method is to use Google Analytics, and Google Webmasters both of which require a little set up, but which are highly useful.

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