The Relationship Between SEO and Web Design Style

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

When you intend to develop a web page for your company, the most important thing for you will be your SE ranking and web design style. Many website owners suffer in the hands of SEO when they give more concentration to design style only. However, it is significant to maintain the right balance between SEO and website style so that your website is stylish as well as effective.


Search engine optimization is a strategy that can make your website easily searchable and certainly this will be your top priority. By looking into the keywords to the text of the website, search engines are better able to identify and locate your page and display it. As you know, search engines play a key role in drawing attention of the individuals to your website. Since your content will have more related keywords, you can expect to be indexed at the top or on the first page of search engines.


The style of a website is basically to reflect your message to the users and should make them understand what exactly you are trying to say. By adding some beautiful codes in Java or adding flash animation, you can make it more appealing and thus draw more attention from the masses. However, as a site owner, you should be concerned about the number of flash animations. Your target is not to overwhelm your website with animations, but to put forward a positive image of your company or business.