The Front Page Part Two

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

The speed at which the internet works is constantly increasing too with articles being replaced by shorter blogs, and these being largely replaced by `tweets` that are generally no longer than one or two sentences.

This then makes it very important that your website design be able to quickly convey all the information someone is looking for and to grab their interest so that they don`t direct their browsers elsewhere. And this makes the front page of your website very important as that`s what they`ll be seeing first. Here we`ll look at some of the ways that good website design can make that front page as attractive and as attention grabbing as possible.

The first thing to decide on is whether you want a `front end` for your website in the form of an introduction or splash page. Many company websites you visit will opt not to launch you straight into the main site itself, but to instead display a large logo or a short animated introduction in order to show off their website design and to pique your interest.