Signs of a Good Website Design Part Three

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

This is then particularly unfortunate, as visitors on the internet have infamously short attention spans and won`t usually stay on a site for longer than a minute if they get frustrated finding what they are looking for.
At the same time as being easy for visitors to navigate though, good website design also needs to be simple for Google to navigate as this is how many users will find the site. Web design should take Google into account then and should ensure that they don`t for example split the menu and the content into separate HTM files.
Finally the site needs to look professional. If you opt to forego the additional bells and whistles of animations and sound effects then you need to ensure that your website design still has the crisp and professional look of a website that has invested time and money into what is a very important aspect of their business plan. The images should all be high definition and well edited; the layout, font and colours should all look professional and it should take advantage of the benefits of modern browsers to look up to date and modern.