Marketing Your New Website

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Once you`ve paid for a new custom web design and are happy with your final product, you will want as many people to see it as possible in order for it to do its job and increase awareness for your business and hopefully provide a great new source of customers or clients.

However for a website to do this it first needs people to find it, and this is what makes marketing and promotion just as important as the web design itself. Fortunately there are many ways to quite easily market your site.

Firstly you can use advertising, and by including a website in your advertising you drastically increase its potential by providing the viewer with somewhere that they can get more information regarding the service. A more cost effective method though is SEO which stands for `Search Engine Optimisation` which means making a website get to the top of the Google searches and is achieved by including `keywords` in your coding, in-bound links, site text and text. Speak to your web design company about SEO and they should be able to incorporate it to a degree and set it up to help you to add more as you go.