Making Money From a Good Website Design Part Two

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

This is the case with websites that are more `e-zines` that feature regularly content, and with interactive `web 2.0` sites that are interactive and allow for visitors to comment and discuss issues; but even a basic one page advert can make money if you have the know how.
With a forum or regular content you can start to get repeat visitors to your site which will greatly increase your traffic and elevate your site. At the same time if you have a brand that`s well marketed and known by lots of people then you will have guaranteed traffic already. From here you can then make money directly through your site by allowing your visitors to place orders on products, or to sign up for services using online shops or online forms. This gives you a way of making money that has almost no overheads (just the original cost of the website design and then the negligible cost of hosting – as opposed to the monthly salaries of countless checkout assistants or staff who sit at the phones).