Introducing a Few Major Types of Web Page Style

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Setting up a website oftentimes start with thinking about the web design. Some of the straightforward designs are most common, and they are the most successful ones too. Based on your imaging skill, requirements and audience, you can change your web design to a stylish one. In short, the more appropriate your web design it is, the more audience you can target.  There are several sorts of web page styles and the common ones are:

1) Static internet design – It is the simplest template you can find for your online business. It is generally developed in HTML editor therefore cannot be maintained by a non-technical person. In fact, this technical requirement has also reduced the demand in the market.

2.) Dynamic website design – It is another kind of page design that enables you to sustain the material. The most common example is a blog that is determined by WordPress. Primarily, this means that anything that can shop and see the data that is maintained by the internet is called dynamic. This design is most beneficial in interacting with customers and it also enables the customization according to the customer’s requirements.

3) Flash website – After its dramatic shot to popularity in earlier days of introduction, it is now less commonly used. This is because the data on flash website cannot be read by search engine, so the ranking of the website does not improve. Furthermore, the flash webs are also not dynamic. Meaning that they need a professional flash programmer or a web based programmer for maintenance.