How to Get Great Graphic design For Your small company

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

The key to obtaining excellent graphic design for your logo, company cards, website or any marketing material starts with how YOU communicate your goals and objectives to the designer. Little business owners frequently overlook this procedure of writing an innovative brief simply because they believe that it`s unnecessary for small budget items. Wrong!

Writing a creative brief is one of the most critical steps in getting the most for your money when dealing with any outside vendor for creative work. In it, you communicate clearly in writing the key things the designer needs to know in order to effectively translate your words into images. Any good designer ought to require you to complete a creative brief prior to beginning work for you. If they do not, you should probably reconsider your choice.

There is no one approved “creative brief,” but you should make sure at a minimum to contain the following:

1) A general overview of the project, including the background of your company/product lines

2) Your Brand Positioning. It`s critical that you are able to articulate clearly, in writing, a brand positioning statement. This will give the designer the best understanding of what you desire to communicate.

3) Brand Character. Numerous little business owners don`t take the time to define their brand character.