Getting Visitors to Click on Links Part Three

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

The positioning is another aspect of web development that affects which links get clicked. Obviously large central links are always enticing and if there`s one large link in the centre of the page it can feel almost magnetic to click. Similarly the first link in any list is always the one that will be chosen if someone doesn`t read what it says. If you have a top menu for your navigation then, most people will click the furthest left link if they are in a hurry. Meanwhile if you have a menu set to the left of the site and they don`t read the content then a visitor will go straight to the top link.
This then gives you a good advantage when planning what you want your visitors to see first, and it`s odd that usually the first link is `home` or sometimes `about`. Make the first link `checkout` or `shop` and you`ve got them to consider buying within moments of visiting the site.
Web development also involves fancy programming and tricks such as the `mouseover` effect, which causes the cursor or the image to change when it hovers over a link.