Do Not Irritate Your Users – Make Your Website Usable

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Have you decided that it is high time your company had a website? Or have you thought of updating your existing website? Whichever reason it may be, you need a skilled web designer who understands your requirements and creates a website design, which would not only make your website look good, but also make it usable.

Your website will represent your company in the World Wide Web. But how would you make use of the website to its full potential? The answer to this lies in the hands of an able web designer and yourself. In order to have a good website design, you need specify your requirements properly. Ensure you discuss them with your designer and take advice from him/her too. For this very reason, it is very important to find an approachable and professional designer. Fortunately, Toronto is filled with many such proficient designers.

A bad website design not only frustrates users, but also repels many of them. Remember, your website must be both usable and accessible. Keep your home page as neat as possible. This implies you use less flash or any other heavy components that take a little time to load completely. Make your website easy to navigate. If possible, avoid a horizontal layout; this greatly decreases the need of a horizontal scroll bar. Ensure there are no broken links and too many redirects. Give details of your products and services on your website.