Calculating the Cost of Web Design

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

There are some of the basic steps you need to follow in order to determine the average cost of the web design.  Before we begin, let me remind you that the figures shown in this article is a benchmark amount of what most web site designers are charging. These figures can change in accordance to the track record and the experience of the web designers you are hiring.

Firstly, you should determine the number of pages your website has. If you have same design on every page, then the cost is comparatively low than the cost of adding additional designs. In general, you, as a client, are supposed to pay up to 15 hours of work if you need a total custom made website. However, if you are in need of additional graphics, design, template and features, you will have to pay for extra 3 hours per page.

Secondly, you have to estimate the number of graphics your developer has to create for your website only. Since you are in need of total custom made websites, then you cannot simply copy-paste graphics from other websites. The basic time frame is about 20 hours to develop new graphics and you will have to pay 4 hours of work more if you intend to add some more features. However, apart from graphics, you can also include the time frame for flash designing that requires 3 hours of work, depending upon the sophistication of your demands.

Lastly, you should also keep an allowance of 20 percent (of your total calculated costs) for unaccounted expenses. Then right at the end, you can simply multiple the numbers of hours with per hour rate of your designer to determine the overall price.