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A Website that Captures the Fun and Energy of a Popular Dance Studio

Joy of Dance Centre has been teaching and inspiring dance students in Toronto for decades. Signing up for classes on their website was not a user-friendly experience, so we were asked to optimize this process while redesigning the entire site.

MINDBODY Integration

For Joy of Dance, MINDBODY is a critical tool that helps with scheduling and lets students easily find and register for classes. Our job was to integrate MBO into the website as seamlessly as possible. This way, students could sign up for classes without even leaving the site—a capability that was sorely missed on the previous version.

Audience-Centric UX

With so much variety in class offerings and student skill levels, it was important to guide visitors in the right direction while maintaining a consistent tone and feel throughout the website. We designed the site architecture, navigation and user flows accordingly—ensuring visitors could find their own path to the joy of dance.


Nearly every class page is integrated with a dedicated widget that we generated inside MBO’s Branded Web Tools interface. Although classes are based on the same general template, the content, imagery, pricing, signup process and faculty profiles are tailored to the individual class.


With a busy studio like Joy of Dance, schedules have to be accurate and up-to-date so students can plan accordingly. While the old site presented schedules as static content, we created and integrated widgets to pull schedule data from MINDBODY. This way, information on the website is always synched with source data in MINDBODY.

The outcome

We re-built the Joy of Dance site from the ground up to provide a better experience for admin and audiences of all kinds.

Now, changes made inside MBO are automatically reflected on the website, streamlining the scheduling process. For visitors, it’s never been easier to find and sign up for the right class.

  • MBO integration with registration widget and schedules
  • MBO optimization for improved workflows and organization
  • Blog and news migration of 300+ articles
  • Profiles for 50+ team members, connected with class pages
  • Extensive image optimization