Mixing artistry with

advanced functionality for a beloved brand of binder

A Professional
Website Redesign

In redesigning the QuickFit website, we wanted to uphold the professional image of the brand while forging an interesting new direction. Creatively, the site strikes a unique blend of boldness and quiet sophistication, and it challenges preconceived notions about office supply companies. This project also features a customer login area, retailer database and QuickCode functionality that automatically loads the right QuickFit product in the design area. But the website's jewel is an app that lets visitors customize their binder insert.

Showing Them How It’s Done

Although the QuickFit design tool is easy to use, we knew that a visual, step-by-step tour would provide a greater level of comfort for users. A short video tutorial guides them through the interface, which allows them to customize an insert for their QuickFit binder.

Design Tool Video Tutorial
Using professional voiceover and an on-screen demo of a real design session, we highlighted the key features of the interface and, hopefully, encouraged users to experiment with their own custom creation through the website.

One-of-a-kind Inserts in Less than One Minute

This sophisticated online design tool lets customers quickly and easily personalize their binder insert. Text, colour and imagery are all customizable. Even with this creative flexibility, users can complete the entire customization process in just over a minute. The result is a professional-looking binder insert that matches their binder type and size.


In keeping with the theme of modernization for QuickFit, we used responsive design to make the website appealing and accessible on any device. A quick glance at their smartphone or tablet will let visitors find the nearest QuickFit retailer.


Since the company doesn’t sell its binders online, it was important to give visitors an easy way to find their desired product, at the retailer closest to them. To make it happen we developed a complex solution that included data integration with QuickFit’s inventory management system and the building of a product-vendor database.





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