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Dress Shirt Customization Tool

A sophisticated but user-friendly system for customizing dress shirts online

The Challenge

The inspiration behind Clive Richard came from real-life struggles with finding a great-fitting dress shirt. Although a market for custom dress shirts already existed, these products tended to be expensive, with limited customization options. And in many cases the design interface was either awkward or had too steep a learning curve to be appealing to the average guy.

Designing a customization process in a world of instant gratification also presented a unique set of challenges. Although choice is a luxury for some, for others it’s simply too much work to be bothered.

If this was going to work, the application would have to guide users effortlessly through the process, especially when it came to inputting their measurement details.

No small feat considering fit could make or break a shirt.

The Solution

A project as complex and ambitious as this couldn’t be planned overnight. To start, it required insight into the buying habits of male consumers and analysis of existing shirt customization platforms to see where they fell short.

When the initial planning was done, we conducted a thorough UX and UI design process to visually map out every interaction and every scenario in this highly advanced system. The interface itself lets users customize a dress shirt from top to bottom, with photorealistic 3D modeling displaying changes in real time—every detail has been accounted for to deliver a bespoke experience on any Internet-connected device.

To make this web application a viable business tool, we developed an intelligent and user-friendly ecommerce process. Integrating analytics tools would help us identify and remove friction points, a key step in the conversion optimization process.

Recognizing that user fatigue could become one of those friction points, we also developed a section of ready-made designs for guys preferring a streamlined process.

Project Highlights
  • Responsive design and mobile experience
  • Complex, multi-variant product customization driven by business logic
  • E-commerce component, including a shopping cart, discount code functionality, USD/CAD secure checkout process, order status and history
  • Sophisticated user profile structure, including order tracking and the ability edit saved measurements
  • Advanced marketing and tracking tools
  • Rich social media integration functions
  • Shirt customizations displayed in real-time
  • Photorealistic 3D renderings of more than 100 shirt fabrics
  • Newsletter subscription system integration
  • Mobile app for streamlined order processing at tradeshows and client appointments
  • Payment gateway and shipping API integration

Clive Richard brings style and comfort

To men who’ve grown disillusioned with traditional ways of shopping for dress shirts.

The highly flexible shirt customization process is ideal for guys who don’t fit the store-mannequin body type (in other words, most guys), and the lower price point is attractive to young men just starting out in the corporate world. On the business side, a robust suite of tools and integrations makes workflows more efficient while empowering the Clive Richard team to make decisions based on data.

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