How we do it

How we do it
How we do it


Every journey begins with just one step. With ITW Consulting, it’s always a step in the right direction. Before embarking on a project, we take it upon ourselves to learn everything there is to know about your company, from the mailroom to the boardroom. Only a thorough understanding of your business will help us to set realistic goals, confront potential challenges and identify your technological needs.


Having gained an appreciation for the way your company operates, we will develop a business solution that is comprehensive, creative and cost effective. We will work closely with members of your team to ensure that our vision reflects the ideals and the identity that you strive to portray. After a project plan is finalized, major aesthetic and functional elements will be presented to you in a manner that is straightforward and professional.


This is where the magic happens. After receiving any final revisions, our staff leap into action, making a reality of what was once just an idea. Every aspect of the project will be meticulously undertaken, from programming and integration to graphic design and content creation. Our people relish their opportunity to shine, exhibiting a level of ingenuity and execution that separates ITW from all the rest.


Our reputation is defined by the quality of the service we provide. To ensure this quality, none of our projects go live without first being subject to rigorous testing. You can rest at ease in the knowledge that our quality assurance team will leave no stone unturned as they check and double-check our work. Before the curtain is raised, your project is guaranteed to meet and exceed every established functional, systemic and performance-based standard.


Launching a new online venture is both an exciting and critical time. It means that we have accomplished all of the tasks set out before us in the developmental stages of the project. But before we pat ourselves on the back, we need to implement a deployment plan that accentuates the work and caters to your company’s specific needs. We’re always on the lookout for potential risk factors that might threaten the maximum impact of your launch..


At ITW, we like to think long-term. That’s why our commitment to your business doesn’t end with the launch. The projects we develop are designed to grow under your effective leadership and care. Once you go live, we will provide helpful analysis and assistance in order to help your business reap immediate rewards. As a part of our dedication to ongoing client support, we will endow your team with the training and knowledge they need to ensure your company’s lasting success.

See What a Full-Service Web Agency Can Do for You.

If your company isn’t succeeding online, it’s not living up to its potential. At ITW we live to produce work of unparalleled style and substance, doing everything we can to help our clients make the most of their web presence. Our air-tight process makes it possible to work on almost any kind of project, no matter how small the business or the budget.

It doesn’t hurt that we use leading project management and collaboration systems, which keep our web design projects on track whether the client is in Toronto, Tampa Bay or another time zone. But we also know that technology is only a tool. Through attention to detail and constant communication, we identify and avoid potential issues before they’re given the chance to cause delays or budget overruns.

We also structure our projects with multiple checkpoints for client approval and feedback, which ensures the project – whether web design and development, video production or digital marketing – remains true to the initial scope. For our Toronto clients that can mean in-person meetings, but we’re just as happy to meet remotely via phone or conferencing software.

To get a better idea of what we do, explore our portfolio of web design, branding, 3D, video production and other creative works. You can also contact our head office in Markham, just north of Toronto, or fill out an online request for a free, no-obligation quote.

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